the problem is that on home page I have a lot of code which is added through header.php and it is not amendable through admin panel. What I want to do is to switch header files on language switch. Whenever a user press on the language icon, lets say on the English language icon the header should also switch from <?php get_header('mylanguage') ?> to <?php get_header('english') ?> or etc. Is it possible to do like this?


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Following the codex about the get_header function

You must have an archive header-de.php in your template.

Create one for each language you have and adjust the switch accordingly.

if(function_exists('qtrans_getLanguage')) {
    $lingo = qtrans_getLanguage(); 
    switch ($lingo) {
        case 'de':
} else {
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    You don't event really need the switch. get_header will fall back to header.php if header-de.php doesn't exist. – chrisguitarguy Sep 11 '12 at 2:03

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