On my single template, I wish to show other posts in that category.
Its essential that I use the route they chose, i.e. if they clicked Category 1, then Post A, if Post A is also Categorised as Category 2 and Category 3, I only want to show posts from Category 1 because that is what they originally chose.

Is this an option? Is there a way to store some sort of global variable which I can set on my category page, then utilise on my single page?

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Which will give you:


Which you can then put into any queries you make under category-name.

You can see this in action using the Monkeyman rewrite analyser plugin, by entering one of the URLs for a post and seeing the query variables it generates using those rules

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  • Could you post more details on how to implement this? Where code goes, which template etc? – drivebass Sep 2 '12 at 7:26

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