I recently stumbled across an issue on a site that uses the following URL structure;


An old blog entry had the URL www.mysite.com/my-blog-post/1918/

Since that entry was made there was some media added to the site with the name My Blog Post, meaning the slug for it was also my-blog-post.

Since the addition of the media anyone going to www.thesite.com/my-blog-post/1918/ would be shown the media page instead of the blog page.

I can't see this happening too often, I have corrected the error and informed the guys in charge of content to be mindful of it but it got me thinking about the precedence of different item types.

I would have thought off the bat that Media types would be lower down the list, but apparently not.

What I would like to know is how I go about finding what the precendence of WordPress items is and if there is any way of changing it.

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The precedence is determined by the order of the rewrite rules:


These map the structure to a query, which is then fed to WP_Query, which has its own defaults. I don't see why you would be landing onto the media post, the post_id does not match, there should not be any collision in the first place. This does not appear to be undefined behavior, rather a bug in the rewrite rules, caused by some plugins or the theme etc. I assume that there's a rewrite rule at the top which makes /pagename/.*/ fetch media post types.

Dump the rules (var_dump( get_rewrite_rules() )) and see if anything makes sense.

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