I have my live install on one server and a development install on another. I've added a plugin to both but it only appears in the plugin list in wp-admin on one.

For a plugin to appear in wp-admin does it need to appear in the database at all? Or is it that just by having the plugin file(s) in the plugins directory that it'll be detected?



It saves the data in:

  • wp_options
    • Row: option_name
      • active_plugins
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  • Not quite what I was looking for but that's my fault. Take a look at my answer for my findings. – Matthew Mar 28 '12 at 10:51

The plugin file had Mac line endings so the meta-data comment at the top of the file wasn't being parsed properly. e.g.

  Plugin Name: WP JSON-RPC
  Plugin URI: http://plugins.voceconnect.com
  Description: This plugin provides a JSON version of the XML-RPC WordPress API...
  Author: Jeff Stieler
  Version: 0.9.1
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In 99% of cases a plugin isn't detected when moving because the owner of the directory is different from the current owner, meaning no reading rights.


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