I have a "change password" page.

Is there a way to redirect that page when the user login first time using wordpress generated password?


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Maybe this helps you?


He seems to had a similar problem and solved it a year ago.

What he does different to your approach is redirecting 48hrs after registration. Maybe this is enough?

If not - I'm looking to do it your way.

--- EDIT

Okay I just made a plugin what does exactly what you want:

 Plugin Name: Redirect Passwort
Plugin URI: TODO
Description: TODO
Author: xaeDes
Version: 0.1
Author URI: TODO
License: GPL2

function redirect_passwort_profile_update($user_id, $old_user_data) {
    $user = new WP_User( $user_id );
    if( $user->data->user_pass != $old_user_data->user_pass) {
        //password has changed
add_action("profile_update", "redirect_passwort_profile_update", 10, 2);

function redirect_passwort_login_redirect($redirect_to, $url_redirect_to = '', $user = null) {

    if( isset($user->ID) ) {
        $changed_password = get_metadata("user", $user->ID, "changed_password",true);
        if( $changed_password != true ) {
            return get_bloginfo('url') . "/change-your-password-dude/";
        } else {
            return $redirect_to;
add_filter('login_redirect', 'redirect_passwort_login_redirect',10,3);

function redirect_passwort_password_reset( $user ) {
    //password has been reset to a random one. so the changed_password meta data should be reset as well
    if( isset($user->ID) ) {
        delete_metadata("user", $user->ID, "changed_password");
add_action('password_reset', 'redirect_passwort_password_reset');

It adds a user meta data "changed_password" to the user who changed its passwort.

When logging in it checks whether the user meta data "changed_password" is set and redirects if it is not set (and therefore the user has not changed its passwort even once).

When the users password is reset to a random one, the user meta data "changed_password" is reset as well.

  • I don't think its a good idea redirecting users to "change password" page based on 48hours time. It will be problem if the user login defferent times in those 48 hours. I don't want to redirect that user to change password page often. Mar 25, 2012 at 16:05
  • Hi Thanks for the code. I tested your code. But its not working in my site. I'm using custom page for login. Is that the reason why its not working? Here is my login function. Do i have to modify any codes there? Thanks Mar 25, 2012 at 17:46
  • You have to change the url of the site you are redirecting to in my plugin: return get_bloginfo('url') . "/change-your-password-dude/"; You are using wp_redirect to redirect to a site. But my plugin hooks into login_redirect, which is called from standard wordpress login. You could apply the login_redirect for yourself : wp_redirect(apply_filters('login_redirect', get_bloginfo('url') . '/my-account/','', $user);); in your pastebin line 19. Does that solve your problems?
    – xaedes
    Mar 25, 2012 at 17:58
  • No it doesn't. Here is my modified login function. I created a new user and tested it. Its supposed to redirect to change-password page. But it still redirect to my-account page. And yes i replaced your change-your-password-dude text with my change-password text. Any idea whats wrong? Mar 25, 2012 at 18:16
  • Which wordpress version are you using? Could you check whether redirect_passwort_profile_update or redirect_passwort_login_redirect are ever called? Maybe add something like this as first line of the files : file_put_contents(dirname(__FILE__).'/log-'.__FUNCTION__.'_'.__LINE__, ''); and check the folder of the plugin for generated files. The folder of the plugin have to be writable for the webserver.
    – xaedes
    Mar 25, 2012 at 18:28

Hook user_register and add user metadata to store a "has not logged in yet" flag. Hook wp_login and check for that metadata, delete and redirect if it exists, otherwise do normal login behavior.


In addition to Milo's answer:

    function after_user_register( $user_id ){

        // the new user just registered but never logged in yet
        add_user_meta($user_id, "has_not_logged_in_yet", "true", true);

    add_action( 'user_register', 'after_user_register', 10, 1 );

    function after_user_loggedin(){





                delete_user_meta($user_id, "has_not_logged_in_yet");

                //do something else

    add_action( 'init', 'after_user_loggedin');

Edit (FYI)

Hook wp_login is not performing very well in terms of user meta retrieval. Sometimes returns FALSE with the user loggedin.

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