Is there any plugin for publishing a video from wordpress blog to youtube?

I have a wordpress blog and user will upload videos from wp admin and these videos should be published to youtube or facebook or any social network sites.

I know that reversing youtube->wordpress is very easy to do. But users must need to upload videos in my wordpress blog, so instead of uploading videos again into youtube I want to have one link that is "Publish to Youtube" or "Publish to facebook" then all videos will be available to public in youtube or facebook.

I know that there is YouTubeVideoApp using Zend frame work. I am looking for this same app in wordpress.

please any suggestions to achieve this? Thanks..

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If there's a plugin, it has to be found.

If not, a custom solution has to be written.

But YouTube does provide an API for that.

YouTube API v2.0 – Direct Uploading

This page explains how to upload videos to YouTube using direct uploading. Direct uploading lets you add videos that are in your video library to YouTube. You should choose a direct-upload implementation if you want to host or store videos uploaded through your site and also add those videos to YouTube. In a direct-uploading scenario, when a user uploads a video through your site, the video will be sent to your servers. Your application will subsequently send an API request to upload the video from your server to YouTube.


Why not just get the user to upload the video to youtube then ue something like http://tubepress.org/ to display the videos? It's a simple to use plugin and the user will just need to paste the video URL in to a post, the plugin with do the rest of the embedding.


You would be better off reversing this so youtube->wordpress rather than wordpress->youtube, embedding youtube videos in WordPress is extremely easy, WordPress will automatically find youtube URLs in your page and turn them into videos (if they are not hyperlinks)

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