I have created a hierarchical custom post type in wordpress called "films." It is hierarchical so it can have children elements.

When a "film" is clicked, wordpress automatically uses the template called 'single-films.php'. That is great, but I wish to use a different template when one of the film's children pages is clicked. For instance, a child of a film might be "press." When that film's press link is clicked, I want it to use a different template than single-films.php.

I was hoping there is some way I can use a template like single-children-films.php. Any ideas how I can change a hierarchical custom post type's children template?

  • or, another way of handling it is to add conditional logic to the single-films.php saying if this post is a parent, do this...if this post is a child, do this....But I'm unsure of the code to do that either.
    – JCHASE11
    Mar 18, 2012 at 16:39

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If, from within single-films.php you filter based on the parent post you should have little issue with this. For example:

if( $post->post_parent != 0 ) {
    // not top level
} else {
    // top level page

If you need to know how deep the page is, that's a different matter, but that's also doable (unfortunately it means you need to query the database though).


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