I'd like to create a field that allows the admin to select from other existing post types. Specifically, I want to create an options box to choose which events display on the homepage.

For now, I've just put a "on the homepage" checkbox on each event, but this does not help with ordering or reviewing the list of "featured" events.

The ideal UX is a meta box added to only the homepage admin screen, that allows the user to add/remove existing events a list and reorder them before republishing the homepage. It would have an "add event" button, which when clicked, opens a post selector similar to the popin you get when you link text in the WYSIWYG. "Insert/edit link", "... link to existing content".

I suppose I could just build my own popin, but I'd be happy to find out I could reuse this "post selection popin" that the link button uses.

  • What is a popin?
    – fuxia
    Dec 7, 2012 at 3:06
  • I'm referring to a modal popup box, which is simply a floating element in the page. As opposed to an actual popup, which is a new window, typically opened with window.open().
    – Matt
    Dec 7, 2012 at 14:14

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The plugin Custom Content Type Manager can do this.

A Custom Field of the Relation type is needed. When creating it, enable Is Repeatable, select the desired Output Filter and the Association.
enter image description here
:...click to More Info

Make sure to enable Standardize Custom Fields for Pages in the Content Types tab of the plugin.

With all set, a Meta Box with the relationship/repeatable/sortable Custom Field will appear in all pages (looks like this will need a custom hack to only display it in $post->ID == homepage_ID).
This CF opens a thickbox where all post types can be searched/selected as a Relation (maybe another hack).

The plugin Advanced Custom Fields can do it all without hacks, but the Repeater is a premium add-on.

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