I got the following question:

When I go to a WooCommerce category, the link displays like this:


Where the bold text is the link like it is and the rest is the product category that needs to be shown.

When i go into WooCommerce settings and I go to the pages tab, I got an option to change productcategory slugs. If I fill the following in this textfield: %product_cat% the links shows as follows:


What I want to show in my links is:


Is there any way to do this?

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We use a method simular to this to generate product permalinks: Custom field values in permalink

Annoyingly this supports one level of category only - not nested categories, so I believe what you want to do is not possible (but if anyone else has a solution I'd love to hear it!).

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There is post on here about URL rewrites that you can use for woocommerce if you want to do something else.

Product Base Page URL
You'll also want to tick this option on WooCommerce > Settings > Pages enter image description here

This setting is mentioned in the WooCommerce documentation on Permalinks

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  • Your second link is a 404. – Sparky Jan 28 '14 at 2:30

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