I am developing a theme which needs uploading from front-end. I want to integrate plupload in my theme while keeping in mind that:

  • Uploading will be handled upon form submission, and not from the plupload regular method. This means that I just need the design of plupload, and not the uploading functionality. After selecting the files, when I submit the form (containing selected files and other information), I should be able to grab all the form info (including files info) in the target page. E.g. In user profile page, I want to update my avatar along with my other information.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Plupload can fall back to HTML4 (form submission) file uploads. Just define the runtime to be HTML4 in the js runtime parameters.

I know the following plugin is using Plupload so I would probably just look at their source. Do not copy but I would use it to help get yourself going. http://www.tn3gallery.com/

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