I'd like to insert some mysql data into every new blog that's created on my buddypress system. How can I hook up to the newly created blog data? ID, for example, would allow me to insert it right from the PHP. Is there a better way to do it?



see: How To Modify New Sub Blog Immediately When Super Administrator Creates It?

The code I wanted to post I unfortunately could not post beacause "body is limited to 30000 characters; you entered 62367" so ... the following filters are handy (from WordPressMU plugin for site admin to set defaults for new blogs, Deanna Schneider) :

function set_blog_defaults($blog_id, $user_id)
    global $wp_rewrite, $wpdb, $current_site;
            // do stuff

// When a new blog is created, set the options 
add_action('wpmu_new_blog', array(&$cets_wpmubd, 'set_blog_defaults'), 100, 2);


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