i need a form or table plugin that can be customized to do this:

For example: I am a parcel shipping company. I need some form that can be filled out with shipping info. Later, customer logs on the site to retrive information about the parcel with associated id number.


  • Nothing, i looked at the table reloader and formadable...will look more today – Geomatani Feb 25 '12 at 15:23

How I would do it:

  • Create a public accessible form in a page. Look at the code of front end submission plugins to get an idea.
  • Create a custom post type shipping.
  • Create a custom user role customer with very limited capabilities (read_shipping, edit_user_profile).
  • After form submission create a new shipping entry, register the user in your role if she hasn’t already and send an email to the person who handles shippings.
  • Check all customer data, add the shipping information to the shipping and send an email to the customer with a link to the page holding shipping information.

There are some tricky details:

  • Spam bots will hit your forms.
  • Customers shouldn’t have to enter all their personal data each time new. Offer a login form, ajaxify it.
  • Probably some more, you’ll see it when you start writing code. :)

I wouldn’t say simple.

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