Is there any filter which can be used in a plugin to process the content of the text widget before it is rendered?



  1. widget_text (for the text)
  2. widget_title (for the title)


function add_smiley($content) {
$new_content = '';
$new_content.= $content . ':)';
return $new_content;
add_filter('widget_text', 'add_smiley');

Note that this works only for the content so not if you have a widget with only a title.


  1. http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Widgets
  2. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1385954/do-wordpress-widget-or-sidebar-hooks-exist
  3. https://stackoverflow.com/search?q=wordpress+widget
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  • Do you know any filter for custom widget? – Kyle KIM May 20 '17 at 0:50

You should be able to run a filter on widget_text. The text widget is the only one that calls the widget_text hook.


Line 380 ..

$text = apply_filters( 'widget_text', $instance['text'], $instance );

So in short, Yes! Would be the direct answer to your question. Hope that helps... :)

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