So I have created my own template that has a set header for all of my pages home (which is a static front page), about, services, contact, etc....

I have recently created two newer pages products and blog. Products is using CataBlog to list my products and their information so I don't want the same header that I have used on the content pages. This also holds true for the blog page.

I went into my header.php file and did the following:


            if (is_page('blog')) { ?>
                <div id="header">


            if (is_page('product')) { ?>
                <div id="header">


            else {?>
                <div id="header">
                    <div id="slider">
                            <li><img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') ?>/images/01.jpg" alt="Pawtucket Pawnbrokers" /></li>
                            <li><img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') ?>/images/02.jpg" alt="We Buy Gold" /></li>
                            <li><img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') ?>/images/03.jpg" alt="Need Cash?" /></li>
                            <li><img src="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') ?>/images/04.jpg" alt="Instant Cash Loans" /></li>     



Now, when I go to the blog page the header maintains that of the static pages however the header on the product page is changed to display "hi" as expected. I changed the name blog in the is_page function to another of the static pages and received the desired result. I am assuming this means somewhere in my template files that original header is being called to display on the blog page. If this is true where should I look to make that change? If this is not the case what am I doing wrong?

Any help is always appreciated!

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If the conditional works when using is_page( 'products' ), but does not work when using is_page( 'blog' ), then that means that WordPress isn't finding a static page with the slug blog. First thing to do: verify your slug name.

A second alternative is that the static page blog is using a custom page template, and that the custom page template is calling a different header file, resulting in the above code never getting executed. Are you using a custom page template for the static page blog? If so, you'll need to look at the custom page template file.


From your comment below:

i forgot to mention that as home is set as my static page in the admin panel the blog page is set as my blog page.

There's your answer. I should have picked up on it, but somehow didn't. Take a look at the Template Hierarchy. You're using the static page blog as your Blog Posts Index, Instead of using is_page( 'blog' ), you need to be using is_home(), which returns true when displaying the Blog Posts Index.

  • i forgot to mention that as home is set as my static page in the admin panel the blog page is set as my blog page. I do not have a blog.php template file only the index.php file /products and /blog both work as pages but the blog doesn't contain the custom header
    – Marques
    Commented Feb 23, 2012 at 19:49
  • There's your problem! See updated answer. Commented Feb 23, 2012 at 19:56
  • wow great thanks! I will definitely look over the template hierarchy and continue learning but im making strides!
    – Marques
    Commented Feb 23, 2012 at 20:05

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