I am suing two plugins, "Ultimate member", and "Max Mega menu" they both access the menu components, I want to configure them in the Appearance > Menu section but I am only able to see the setting of "max mega menu, and the setting of ultimate member is not appearing?

Is there any other alternative way by which I can show or hide menu items.

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  • You'll have to inquire with MaxMegaMenu and Ultimate Member to see if their plugins are compatible with one another. Commented 2 days ago
  • @TonyDjukic, I tried doing that, it's time-consuming. could you please suggest me some other alternative by which I can show or hide the menu items based on different parameters ?? Commented yesterday
  • Try via CSS and Javascript - we don't know what the parameters are and we don't even know if the two plugins are conflicting with one another. Commented yesterday


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