On frontend pages I can do something like

$currentPostId = url_to_postid($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
if ($currentPostId && $currentPostId === $postId)
    // ...

So when I add a programmatically generated page I can know in init whether I am on that page. This is very useful because I can process POSTs before rendering the page and so I can redirect with a location header. I am looking for a backend solution:

        function (){

I do something like the upper, but I'd like to do a page init before rendering. Currently I initialize all the pages which is wasting resources when I know that the form I sent is on a certain page. So I just have to initialize that page and process the POST request.

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There are few functions/global variable in WP to determine

is_admin() - For checking if in admin panel
global $pagename  - to get the page name of admin 

I ended up checking the $_GET['page'] === $this->page->getId() and checking is_admin(). Not the perfect solution, but I did not have anything better for now.

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