I'm confused here, why is the classic editor, showing both the graphical buttons in the editor, and the "text" button in the editor, while i'm in the Visual mode? If I go to the text "mode", the graphical buttons vill disappear

I'm using this as in the frontend, for users to write, and it might be confusing for them!

  • You probably have a malformed tag when you're adding this to the front end. A <div> that opens, but that doesn't close and as the HTML cascades through the nested elements you get things breaking. Commented Apr 1 at 1:02
  • @TonyDjukic thnx for the tips, it was actually a different plugin that is causing this, wordpress.org/plugins/zeno-report-comments , but a rouge <div> can cause this issue to, maybe there is some in the plugin, I've contacted the developer.. Commented Apr 1 at 6:01
  • That's probably what it is... Glad you found it. Commented Apr 1 at 12:39

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Found it, it was the last plugin in the list Zeno Report Comments, one that I never would have suspected, since it's got nothing to do with the editor.

So I must admit that I was sloppy when I was testing if a plugins was interfering.. So all other users, Rember, ALWAYS test with disabling ALL plugins, and retest the issue again..

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