It seems that the links on my home page articles are directing users back to the home page instead of linking to individual articles. My website is https://eclipseglassesreview.com/ and i have posted 2 articles which links back to home page. The links are showing correctly in my page showing all of my posts. My permalinks are set to Post name https://eclipseglassesreview.com/sample-post/.

Thanks, Lee

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    – Community Bot
    Feb 27 at 20:04

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Go to WP Admin -> Permalinks -> Save Changes, It will refresh permalinks. enter image description here

  • Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately that did not work. I even selected "Plain" and hit save to see if that would work which it did not. Than selected post name and save with no luck there either.
    – Leroy
    Feb 22 at 19:10
  • How are you rendering Popular Articles, is this theme default functionality? Feb 23 at 6:06
  • Yes, theme default functionality
    – Leroy
    Feb 24 at 1:38
  • When I am in Elementor, the posts images and links are correct. When I publish the home page, the posts images disappear and the links revert back to the home page.
    – Leroy
    Feb 24 at 15:12
  • Are you using any filter in theme functions file, or using any plugin of URLs related? Feb 27 at 5:30

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