I add captions to images in WordPress using the "Caption" box to indicate the photographer's name.

I need custom text to always be displayed before the image caption,

That is, now I just have “text”, but I need it to become like this: “Photo: text”. This must be done for all image captions in WP posts.

The caption code for the images in the article now looks like this:

<p id="caption-attachment-00001 class="wp-caption-text">Image caption</p>

How can i do this? enter image description here

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You can filter the image caption using the wp_get_attachment_caption filter:

add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_caption', 'wpse422651_filter_image_caption', 10, 2 );

 * Filters the image caption.
 * @param  string $caption       The image caption.
 * @param  int    $attachment_id The attachment ID.
 * @return string                The filtered caption.
function wpse422651_filter_image_caption( $caption, $attachment_id ) {
  // Only run if the caption isn't empty and the attachment is an image.
  if ( ! empty( $caption ) && wp_attachment_is_image( $attachment_id ) ) {
    return 'Photo: ' . $caption;


  • Thank you! But unfortunately this doesn't work for me ((( I don't notice any changes to the image captions in the posts. Of course I cleared the cache.
    – Jusper
    Commented Feb 21 at 3:03
  • Your code worked for thumbnails (featured post image). I display them using the code <?php the_post_thumbnail_caption(); ?> But your code does not affect the images that are inside the post content.
    – Jusper
    Commented Feb 21 at 3:08
  • Sounds like I've got the wrong filter here. I'll see what I can find a little later.
    – Pat J
    Commented Feb 21 at 14:32

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