I am using ACF Relationship > Post Object on a custom post-type "family" to select another of the same post-type. My example usage is each post using this custom post-type = a person, the post object relationship is to select their Mom, and Dad. Each post (or person) will only have 2 post object relationships, 1. Mom and 2. Dad. My goal is to display the names as links of 5 generations, Mom, Dad, Grandfather, Grandmother, on a single post (person).


Post = Son > post object relationship 1.Mom and 2.Dad

Post = Daughter > post object relationship 1.Mom and 2.Dad

also posts could be...

Post = Mom > post object relationship 1.GrandmotherA and 2.GrandfatherB

Post = Dad > post object relationship 1.GrandmotherC and 2.GrandfatherD

I have tried tons of different code options, but nothing I have done shows the post object relationships past current post. What I'd like is the output the names like so...

enter image description here

Any help, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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