I am trying to figure out how to send a post request to a WP Rest API function on an AMP Page.

The endpoint requires 2 fields, post_id & nonce.

/wp-json/wordpress-popular-posts/v2/views/[post_id] as per the guide on https://github.com/cabrerahector/wordpress-popular-posts/wiki/8.-REST-API-Endpoints

Now the task here is how to send a request from the AMP page to this endpoint. My theme offers the ability to add custom html/javascript/CSS code to the AMP page.

But how can we get the nonce and post_id dynamically using Javascript?

Can the below code help me solve the issue?

    url: foo,
    method: "POST",
    beforeSend: function(xhr) {
        xhr.setRequestHeader("X-WP-Nonce", wpApiSettings.nonce);
    data: {
        "foo": bar
}).done(function(response) {
    // your custom code

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You need to localize the nonce here's how: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_localize_script/

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