Context: I used a plugin (WP All Import) to import Excel rows into WordPress posts, but some cells have multiple URLs. Since Excel only supports one hyperlink per cell, I have a bunch of plain text URLs that are unlinked scattered around my site.

Is there a way to scan every WordPress post and convert every plain text URL to a clickable URL?

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    To manually edit a large batch of content like this I'd likely use the wordpress.org/plugins/search-regex plugin and do a a search and replace in the content (backing up everything first) and replace with something like <a href="$1">$1</a> - the plugin allows you to preview the effects of the search and replace.
    – artlung
    Jan 31 at 22:23
  • Sounds really useful. I'll look into this. Thanks.
    – LeTronique
    Jan 31 at 22:29


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