tl;dr No matter what I select in Site Language:

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After hitting Save this value is always reset to English (United States). Where or what should I be looking for to resolve this?

I was playing a little bit around get_blog_details() and I have noticed that I am getting lang_id field set to 0 for each and every of my blogs even though I have a multi-language multisite blog network.

I quick investigation revealed that I truly have all languages set to English (United States), everywhere, for every blog. A little bit longer query have revealed that no matter what I set in that field, I will always have it reset to English (United States).

Some more details:

  1. If I select any language that is listed in Available group then that language is installed (added to Installed group), but again language is reset to English (United States).

  2. If I select any language that is listed in Installed group then nothing happens (language is set to English (United States) after clicking Save).

Is there any workaround? I mean any:

  1. Does anyone recall or recognize such situation and have a cure?
  2. Can I force blog language programmatically (from PHP, i.e. from some plugin)?

This is not a duplicate of this one! I have more than just English (United States) language listed. The problem is that I cannot change to any other.


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