I'm using backbone in my website to access the Wordpress API. This works very nicely. However, it is my understanding that backbone always sends a nonce with each request.

This appears to be interfering with caching REST responses, as each request, with a nonce, is treated differently.

Is it possible to remove this nonce from the backbone request?

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Yes, the nonce is by default always being sent via the X-WP-Nonce header – see the source here and here on GitHub.

wp.api.WPApiBaseModel.prototype.sync and wp.api.WPApiBaseCollection.prototype.sync can technically be extended or modified, but I would instead disable the nonce header like so, i.e. using <Collection or Model object>.endpointModel:

  • Collection example:

    const Posts = new wp.api.collections.Posts();
    // Remove the nonce to disable the X-WP-Nonce header.
    Posts.endpointModel.set( 'nonce', '' );
    //Posts.endpointModel.unset( 'nonce' ); // This also works.
    Posts.fetch( {
        data: { per_page: 2 },
    } ).done(
        data => console.log( data )
  • Model example:

    const Post = new wp.api.models.Post( { id: 1 } );
    // Remove the nonce to disable the X-WP-Nonce header.
    Post.endpointModel.set( 'nonce', '' );
    //Post.endpointModel.unset( 'nonce' ); // This also works.
        data => console.log( data )

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