Maybe this is simple, but I can't work it out ... is it possible to have a top-level menu item point to the first submenu item?

For example, if I have a menu structure for a tourist website that goes something like:

  • Travel
    • Travel to Destination
    • Travel at Destination
    • Other Travel issues

Can I make it so that if someone clicks the top-level "Travel" menu item, what they see is the Travel to Destination" page?

Using Sparkling theme, if relevant.

Thanks rd

  • Can't you just add the Travel to Destination page to the menu twice, and just change the label for the top-level link? Jan 11 at 17:23

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Replace the menu entry for "travel" with "travel to destination", then change the text in the menu item to "Travel" You can also do a redirect using a redirection manager plugin and redirect the /travel/ url to the sub category

  • 1
    Your first suggestion is more or less what I'm doing now, the text of the top-level menu is the same as the text of the first item on submenu. I'm looking for something more like your second suggestion, a redirect, to save me having to keep two parallel pages going every time I edit something. I'll take a look at a redirect plugin. Thanks.
    – rdatlanta
    Jan 2 at 18:18

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