I have wordpress installed on a domain main.domain, but I require a multisite installation. I had previously deployed the multisite on the main domain but I need to remove it since it made the management of the main site an issue.

I want to deploy a multisite at site.main.domain and point every other sub site to subsite.main.domain. I know wordpress could do subsite.site.main.domain or site.main.domain/subsite, but I need to maintain subsite.main.domain.


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You would do this by editing the site in the network admin, and setting the sites URL to subsite.main.domain, WP doesn't force you to have everything as a direct subdomain, you could even put completelydifferentdomain.com as the URL and as long as your server is set up to route requests to WP from that domain WP will handle it just fine

Subdomains are just the default, a suggestion. In the old days you might have needed a plugin such as domain mapping, but most of that functionality was put in core along time ago, you would only need it if you needed alias' where a single specific site is served on multiple domains at the same time.

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