I have two sites, one sandbox and one live.

Woocommerce needs a core updates so I updated all the plugins, WordPress and Woocommerce. In wp-admin->woocommerce->status on my sandbox under templates overrides I can see the files that needed manual update. So I renamed the old files and copied over the new files from the plugins/woocommerce/templates folder. WC->status shows the files have been updated to the latest ones.

I did the same behavior to the live site and WC->status still shows like the files have not been updated!? The user permissions are correct, the site is fine and the updates all worked but WC->status still thinks I'm using the old templates and when I vim to view the files they all show they are the latest version. wtf?

is this cache? Because I have purged cache and clear cache and cookies. The sandbox and live are identical sites, yet live still thinks my old files are there.


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