I'm using the following code to get and set a date meta value for a CPT in Gutenberg (some code omitted for brevity):

const [meta, setMeta] = useEntityProp(

const startDate = meta['_my_start_date'];

function onUpdateStartDate(value) {
    setMeta({ ...meta, '_my_start_date': value });


<PanelRow className="edit-activity-start-date">
    <span>{__('Activity Start Date', 'my-domain')}</span>
        placement="middle left"
        renderToggle={(({ isOpen, onToggle }) => (
            <Button isLink={true} onClick={onToggle} aria-expanded={isOpen}>
                {startDate ? dateI18n('j F, Y', startDate) : __('Pick a date', 'my-domain')}
        renderContent={() => (
                onChange={(newDate) => onUpdateStartDate(newDate)}

The thing is that the DatePicker component also stores the current time for the selected date (example: 2023-11-09T11:12:06). Is there a way to set the time in the DatePicker component to ZERO?

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I managed to find the solution myself. You need to modify the onUpdateStartDate() function:

function onUpdateStartDate(value) {
    const date = new Date(value);
    date.setHours(0, 0, 0, 0);
    setMeta({ ...meta, '_my_start_date': date });

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