I'm repairing a site that was hacked a long time ago. I have many pages that have this in them:


(and I think that's called a short code). The plugin is gone, so the page just shows the [subpages] text.

Does anyone have any idea which PlugIn(s) expands that to include links of all the subpages?

Or - if this is a built-in feature of WordPress, then what reasons would it not be expanding to show the links?

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I found "Subpage Lister" and it solved the problem. If there are others that use the exact same [subpages] code, then I would like to know.


Now, I need to find one that supports the [previous_page] [next_page] shortcodes. It's possible I wrote custom shortcodes and lost the code or forgot how to do them.

I found "Next Page, Not Next Post" that solved that issue. https://wordpress.com/plugins/next-page-not-next-post

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