How can I have the same WordPress site run on two different URLs?

For example, www.brand1.com and www.brand2.com. They have the SAME content, just some different graphics or ads (which could be handled in javascipt?).

I don't think multisite is what I need because that runs two different sites on the same instance of WordPress. What I need is to run the same site twice (with shared SQL and php) but give each a slightly different "look" or "branding".

I'm not sure if URL rewriting will work. The examples I've seen just rewrite the path (after the server part of the url).


  • You've pretty much described a multisite with this line: "The same site but with a different branding" I would suggest using a multisite approach and then using domain mapping to achieve the unique domains for subsites. Oct 11 at 19:45
  • Thanks for taking time to look at my question. However, I don't think multisite will work: I have two sites with completely different URL domains. For example www.brand1.com and www.brand2.com. From what I could tell, multisite would only work if the domains were common: brand1.domain.com and brand2.domain.com. What am I missing?
    – Owen
    Oct 11 at 20:35
  • Hello - Multisite will work with different domains. This article has a fairly good explanation of how to set it up: krystal.uk/blog/post/wordpress-multisite-different-domains If you have a good managed WordPress hosting plan the web host can help set up multisite for you. (WPEngine or FlyWheel for example) Oct 12 at 5:56


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