I have a wordpress site (6.2.2). I forget my admin password. The site is not setup with SMTP yet, so the forget password link won't work.

I tried several ways, but none of them works.

1. WP CLI - No luck

  • Install WP CLI, go to wordpress site folder, 'wp user list' to see all users so I can have my id, then run

wp user update 1 --user_pass=my_clear_password

successfully -> then try to login into the WP admin using 'my_clear_password', but the login failed.

2. Add reset password function call to functions.php: No luck

wp_set_password( 'my_clear_password', 1 );

3. use WP CLI to disable Wordfence, then login again -> No luck

4. Use SQL Update: No luck

UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass=MD5('my_clear_password') WHERE ID=1;

5. My environments:

Ubuntu 22, Wordpress 6.22, MySQL 8, PHP 8.

I am thinking something blocked the logins. Any comments? Thanks!

  • 1
    Your SQL update used 12 instead of 1; is that a typo? (Also, when resetting with MySQL, use an MD5 hash instead of a cleartext password; see the documentation here.)
    – Pat J
    Oct 6 at 22:32
  • 1
    disable all your plugins, not just wordfence, then reset using WP-CLI and then try to login. Why would your password just simply not work on a normal, standard WordPress site with no plugins active? It's just not going to happen, so you probably have a plugin that's interferring. Also, use the WP-CLI reset password command: developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/user/reset-password
    – Paul G.
    Oct 7 at 13:06
  • @PatJ: sorry it must be 1.yes typo. I also used MD5 mysql function. Please see the updated post.
    – LHA
    Oct 7 at 23:42
  • @PaulG: will try it next week. Thanks!
    – LHA
    Oct 7 at 23:43


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