Suddenly, I cannot get into my Admin panel. When I enter the URL, it will only bring up the home page. Any suggestions? https://www.smokymountainsanytime.com/wp-admin/

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If you’re unable to access the login page of your WordPress site, it might be because your wp-login.php file was moved or deleted. To fix the problem, you need to reupload this file.

If you have the wrong file permissions for the wp-login.php file and wp-admin folder, that can make you unable to access the WordPress dashboard.


Use your hosting File Manager to see if the wp-admin folder is actually there. And look at htaccess to see if it is set up properly.

You can try a manual re-install of WP via FTP. There are instructions out there on how to do that. Make a backup copy of your wp-config.php file first - that contains the credentials for database access.

You might also look for any files (plugin) that shouldn't be there. And check that there aren't additional admin accounts that shouldn't exist.

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