i would like to reproduce the same effect than this website's homepage has (https://studioswine.com/), which consists of an image appearing randomly in the space for a very short time, then disappears and another image appears in a different place, and so on.

Im new to Wordpress and i dont know how to code, but i guess the change must be made in the additionnal CSS editor in the wordpress editor.

Thanks in advance, and pardon my english, this is not my mother tongue. Have a nice day.

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    it's done with javascript, this isn't really a WordPress question though other than the coincidence you want the final result to be on a WP site. What you need is frontend help not WordPress help. Looking at the site, the author has put a lot of <img> tags in a div, then set everything in that div to be hidden. They've then manually positioned every single image, and written JS to unhide them one by one on a timer. There is nothing random about the locations, they've been preset/chosen manually. Maybe this would have been more appropriate on stackoverflow?
    – Tom J Nowell
    Sep 7 at 12:30
  • Perhaps that would have been more appropriate on stackoverflow, to be honest i dont really know what all of this means, i'm very new to wordpress and programming in general. I'll post my question in the appropriate section, thanks a lot.
    – meeyyer
    Sep 7 at 19:19


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