I have a php page template used for all archive product categories. If I want to change the button on one of the categories, is there an 'if' 'then' condition I can put in? e.g button for all categories says 'book now' and takes them to a calendly booking page. one category is not available for booking but I still want them to be able to enquire about it. I was hoping I could add a condition where the buttons for that category would say 'Enquire' link to the contact page


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The easiest way to do it would be:

if ( is_category ('4') ) {
 echo '<a class="btn" href="">Enquire</a>';
} else {
 echo '<a class="btn" href="">Calendly link</a>';

Obviously you would change "4" to whatever the specific category number is.

Also, the WordPress template hierarchy could be helpful if you have add'l changes:


Graphical view of the Template Hierarchy

If you want a special template for the category 4, you just save the template file as category-4.php in your child theme folder.

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