I'm trying to write PHP code that loops through all WordPress users and fetches information out of their Ultimate Member profile. Looping through all WP users is the easy part and I have that covered.

The Ultimate Member codex provides a um_user() function to fetch the currently logged in user, and a um_fetch_user() function for retrieving a UM user given an Ultimate Member user ID, but I can't find any way to determine a user's UM ID based on their WordPress ID: neither the WP user profile nor the WP meta seem to contain a UM user ID.

How can I retrieve a UM user record if I only have its WordPress user ID? Alternately, how can I retrieve UM user data for all users?

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You can fetch the Ultimate Member user information using um_fetch_user() function.

// Get the user ID
$user_id = 4;

// Fetch user data for the current profile

// Retrieve data of any field. example field "band"
$field_data= um_user('band');
  • This doesn't answer the question of how to determine a user's UM ID based on their WordPress ID.
    – kmoser
    Sep 26, 2023 at 4:25
  • UM ID and WordPress User ID is same. Since Ultimate Member uses the native WordPress user mechanism. Check the set() method of User Class for more details. UM User Class
    – Asif
    Sep 26, 2023 at 9:24

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