I have a site with extended profile fields. I can't find the particular way of adding an additional column as:

Username | Name | Email | Site Role | Discord (this is the additional column)

The extended profile has a text field called "Discord". How do I go on about making it display in one of the columns?

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To add an extra column to the user list in WordPress, you can follow these steps:

  • Register a Settings Page: Start by creating a settings page where you can define the additional columns you want to add. This page will allow you to manage the custom columns effectively.
  • Save Custom Column Names: On the settings page, provide a text input where you can enter the names of the custom columns you want to add. Separate the column names with commas.
  • Display the Custom Column: To display the custom column in the user list, you'll need to hook into the manage_users_columns filter. Use this filter to add your custom columns to the list of columns.
  • Populate Column Data: When displaying user data in your custom column, you can use the manage_users_custom_column filter. This filter lets you customize the content of your custom column for each user.
  • Collect User Data: To collect data for the custom column, you'll need to update user metadata. You can use actions like user_register (for new user registration) or edit_user_profile_update (for profile updates) to save the data to user meta.
  • Editing User Profiles: When adding new users or editing existing profiles, you should provide input fields for the custom columns on the user creation/editing pages.

If you'd like a practical example to see how these steps come together, you can refer to this GitHub repository . This repository contains a sample plugin i have created that demonstrates how to add and manage additional columns in the user list using WordPress hooks and filters. It serves as a helpful reference for implementing this feature on your site.

By following these general steps and referring to the provided example, you can add custom columns to the user list in WordPress and display additional information tailored to your site's needs.

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