In gutenberg I want to get a postmeta (it's a json string) that belongs to post #123. I want to check the editor's content against it. Let's say that postmeta's key is "blocks".

So I made this

(function () {
    if (true === window.location.pathname.includes('post.php')) {
        const unsubscribe = window.wp.data.subscribe(function () {
            const arr = JSON.parse('{"first":"1","second":"2"}');

            for (const key in arr) {

Which works, I can get the content, but I want to replace arr with the json that's in postmetas. Is there a way I can do this with wp.data? I can get current post's metas, but I want post #123's metas.

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Here’s a way that could be “best” depending on the circumstance:

const { meta } = wp.data.select( 'core' ).getEntityRecord( 'postType', 'post', 123 );

This tutorial might be helpful for related stuff.

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