I'm new to wordpress and I don't even know what exactly is wrong with my WP so bear with me for a bit.

The steps I performed:

  • Picked a blank canvas theme and from the several headers and footers options I chose one of each
  • I started by editing my site trough the edit button on the bottom right corner when you are viewing the site
  • Then editing the home page
  • Then creating a new one and editing it through this menu
  • when I was editing on the URL like menu text box on top (one with ctrl+K) it said "page"

Later on I went through Worpress admin center > pages > all pages > "nature photos" and I had a different layout from the one I had configured earlier so I redid the layout I wanted thinking I didn't save the one before just to realise that they appear to be 2 distinct things.

So Now I am very confused.

  1. What are each of the editing modes called?
  2. Which one should I be editing?
  3. When I edit through Worpress admin center > pages > all pages > "nature photos" no changes appear on the site. How can I make it so that they appear?


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