I am new to Wordpress. I use it with Avada and Avada Child Themes. I have not set up the site, I only administrate it. In the following I will name all pages (sites, products, calender, ...) as "sites".

Problem: I want to change the URLs in the main menu bar, in the sidebar (only on mobiles??) and everywhere where is an outgoing to a specific site, lets say site A. Some links/URLs are wrong. Is there any way to see from where are outgoing links to the site A?

I tried: I tried in Design -> menus, there I can see the navigatio menu and submenus, but I do not see any URLs, only names of the sites, options to place them up and down etc.

Custom Links are all empty. Where do I change the wrong URLs?

Thank you.

  • Can you add screenshot of what you want to achieve. Do you mean you will have one word site in navigation and it can link to different pages? Commented Jun 26, 2023 at 6:51


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