Not sure if this specific question has been asked before. So regret repeating it here again.

My WP version: 6.2

My usecase -- I am unable to add blocks within blocks. Mostly I do not get option to add other core and custom blocks most commonly inside list items.

Is there a way to remove this restriction (via code change or plugin) to allow any block to be added within other blocks?

  • Currently facing the same issue in WordPress 6.4.1 especially while trying to edit a loop template. Dec 1, 2023 at 10:01
  • this isn't something supported by core at the moment, the core/list block would need to be adjusted. I'd recommend raising a github issue on wordpress/gutenberg or adding your support to an existing issue if one exists
    – Tom J Nowell
    Dec 1, 2023 at 16:01

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If you're talking about nested Gutenberg blocks, you only need to add the InnerBlocks component.

I think this is what you're looking for :


Here you have all the code you need and most of the use cases.

Hope it helps !

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