I am using WordPress website. Currently Permalink is set up at home/sample-post/ and category is set to "." In present set up my URLs for categories , sub-categories and posts are as follow.

EG Category: Insurance

Sub- Category : Health Insurance , car Insurance

URL Set in Present Permalink Structure:

  1. Category URl: Home/Insurance
  2. Sub-Category : Home/Insurance/health-insurance
  3. Post URL: Home/sample-post/

I want Different URL Structure as follow

  1. Category URL: Home/insurance
  2. Category Post : Home/insurance/sample-post-A

  1. Sub-category URL: Home/health-insurance
  2. Sub-category post : Home/health-insurance/sample-post-B

and so on for other sub categories.

When I set up, /%category%/%postname%/

1st set of desired url is achieved but not holds true for sub-category. Any help would be appreciated. I am new at Wordpress.


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You'll need to define your own rewrite tag, and add the tag into the permalink structure.

  • add_rewrite_tag() to register the new structure tag
  • available_permalink_structure_tags filter to add to Permalinks interface
  • post_link filter to change the URL of posts

Below is untested and incomplete code, but should get you pretty far.

add_action( 'init', static function () {
    add_rewite_tag( '%one_category%', '(.+)', 'one_category=' );
} );

add_filter( 'available_permalink_structure_tags', function ( array $tags ) : array {
    $tags['one_category'] = 'Only one category';
    return $tags;
} );

add_filter( 'post_link', static function ( string $permalink, $post ) : string {
    if ( false === stripos( $permalink, '%one_category%' ) ) {
        return $permalink;

    $categories = get_the_category( $post->ID );
    $category = array_pop( $categories );

    return str_replace( '%one_category%', $category->slug, $permalink );
}, 10, 2 );

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