my customer has this plugin: http://www.davmo.software/public/uverova-kalkulacka_v2.zip

When installed, it doesn't have a link in the menu in the administration.

I changed the $var variable in the 'uverovakalkulacka' to the correct path and added this to the plugin's index.php - right above the 'uverovakalkulacka' function declaration:

add_action('admin_menu', 'uverovakalkulacka_menu');

function uverovakalkulacka_menu(){

      'Úvěrová kalkulačka', // Page title
      'Úvěrová kalkulačka', // Menu title
      'manage_options', // Capability required to access the page
      'uverova-kalkulacka', // Menu slug
      'uverovakalkulacka' // Callback function to render the page

This makes the plugin appear in the menu but the page when the link is clicked is empty. The function 'uverovakalkulacka' doesn't seem to be intended for this - or is it a problem with PHP version or WP version? Where do I go from here? The original author is unavailable and my customer says it used to work and I'm not a PHP guru:)

Thank you very much..

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It turns out the plugin is not meant to have a page in the administration. It just generates some HTML code from the [uverovakalkulacka] shortcode based on the contents of settings.json which is supposed to be edited manually. Thank you for your time.

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