Hello, Using WordPress 6.2.2 with a custom block theme created from scratch, and I'm trying to make my header sticky. And what I thought would be an easy task then became a challenge. I got to find: This official WordPress resource explaining how to do that, but they have a position tab I haven't seen. Do I have to activate something in my theme.json? As it not work in CSS too, I think some classes got to cancel the sticky thing. Thank you very much for helping me!

Images are what they have, VS what I have:

What they have

enter image description here

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  1. Check that you have the newest WordPress version (WP 6.2.2 at the time of this writing)
  2. Check that you are editing group block. If you are not, then select from the block menu "group" to wrap a block in a group. Only group block has sticky option.

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