I'm making some customizations for a website, and I cam across this piece of code of a theme:

                'user_id'              => $user_id,
                'search_wp_query_args' => $search_args,
                'search_query_str'     => $search_url,
                'time'                 => current_time( 'mysql' ),

What's the reason for having one more element in the $format array than in the $data array? In the docs it implies that those should have the same number of elements, for a 1-on-1 matching... Does it account for the primary key of the table, which isn't in the $data array anyway though? Is this a bug or there is an explanation behind it?


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I think you're assuming this is intentional, it's probably just a bug in the theme, what it's stating is the 5th parameter is a string, but there is no 5th parameter so it's ignored.

The most likely reason is that during development a 5th entry was removed and the author forgot to update the second array, or that they accidentally duplicated a line

  • Thanks for the explanation!
    – Faye D.
    Mar 19, 2023 at 23:28

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