i need to have some functionality to be able to update a lot of posts on my WP site with additional content. The original content of the posts should be left untouched. Also this should be run on batch.

Are there any best practices like Python with WordPress REST API etc that I should use in this case? Imagine I have a local directory of 1000+ "*.txt" or ".csv" files and all of them have a specific filename that matches a single post url on my site.e.g. https://online-rabatt.net/xbox/. I have python installed locally and some extensions such as "dot".env etc. I have found this python script here and maybe that should help. https://chrisleverseo.com/t/python-script-to-bulk-upload-new-wordpress-posts-from-a-csv-file-using-wordpress-rest-api.93/ . Any kind of help in this case would be greatly appreciated.

  • maybe try wp-cli?
    – birgire
    Mar 28 at 19:09


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