I have a WP multisite installation that I use to host several websites for a few nonprofits that I’m a part of. I’m trying to launch a microsite for one of the domains, but can’t seem to make it work.

The installation is running as a subdomain installation, with domain1.com as the main domain. Then I have a website running for www.domain2.org and I’d like to launch a new Site in my WP installation that resolves to event.domain2.org.

Are there any tricks to making this work?

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After you create the sub-site, go into the Site Settings (via the Network Admin) and change the URL for the sub-site to https://event2.domain.com .

That's the same way that you would assign another domain name to a sub-site. For example, if the main site is www.domain.com, sub-site 1 would be www.domain.com/subsiteone (you decided the subfolder name). That is what you use when you create it.

Then change www.example.com/subsiteone to event2.domain.com . Since your hosting nameservers know about 'domain.com', that shouldn't require any additional configuration changes at the hosting level.


Kyle here, and I can't figure out how to respond in another way.

I tried what you said, but I think the issue is that the subdomain that I want to use is tied to a secondary domain, not the main domain of my website. Does that make sense?

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