I need to use specific image size with add_image_size to true using ACF image field and wp_get_attachment_image

From this side, my image is displayed well and resizes well in 175*200.

I would like to know, when I right click on the image and "open image in new tab".

Is it possible to make the image display at its actual size and not the size modified by my function ?

Because I notice in the element inspector that my url picks this image

<img width="175px" height="250px" src="https://exemple.com/wp-content/upload/date/img-175x250.jpg">

Here is an example that I would like to have:


https://publications-prairial.fr/voix-contemporaines/docannexe/image/465/VoCo_03_couv-small500.jpg (modified)

  • This has nothing to do with WordPress. This is just how browsers work. If you want to link to the full size version of the image then add a link to that version of the image around the image. Mar 2 at 8:19


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