So I want to create a custom template file for my user profile page something like this URL http://localhost/wordpress/user/username.

Here you can see I have created a new page in Admin with this permalink user and I have created a new file in my theme directory at theme/user/page-{slug}.php and below is my code for this file.


    Template Name: User Profile


This is user profile page
<?php wp_footer(); ?>

I have also selected this template file in admin for this page and below is the screenshot of this newly created page.

enter image description here

But when I go to browser and try this URL http://localhost/wordpress/user/company , its giving me "Page Not Found" error.

Can someone guide me what I am doing wrong here ? How can I set a template based on this slug company here which has user in the URL.

  • Does a post with the slug company exist in the WordPress posts table, or is company a child of the user page? What is "username" - the username of a registered user on your site, or is it just a custom parameter used in your page template? Also, I know /user/username displays a user profile page, but what would /user/ display?
    – Sally CJ
    Mar 1 at 5:19
  • @SallyCJ its actually a page and company is just a slug and it wont be in posts table or in any table. Its just a custom parameter. /user/ without slug I will check and redirect if without slug. Mar 1 at 8:19
  • My apologies for the late reply, but I'm glad you already found a solution. All the best.
    – Sally CJ
    Mar 1 at 13:00
  • 1
    No worries dear .. Thanks for your support. Mar 1 at 13:31

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Eventually I found out a solution. Below is how I have achieved this.

In my functions.php file, I have put below code.

add_filter('query_vars', 'add_user_var', 0, 1);
function add_user_var($vars){
    $vars[] = 'user';
    return $vars;


This generally adds a rewrite rule if it finds user in the URL.

Now I have added a page template file name called as page-user.php and added below code to grab my query string.

$user = get_query_var('user');
echo $user;

I have created a page in backend admin with slug user and selected this template for this page.

Hope this helps.

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