I noticed today while manually regenerating thumbnails for images in the media library that at least one would not generate thumbnails for those sizes that had the same width as the image.

In fact, there was a message saying the thumbnail would be larger than the original image even though the listed width of the image and the width of the thumbnail matched.

For example: the dimensions of the original image were listed as 1500x323, the thumbnail size as 1500x300, but when attempting to renegenerate thumbnails, a message popped up for this thumbnail size saying it would be larger than the original image.

When I looked at the original image a bit closer, I found that the actual width of the image in question was 1499.99px.

Long story short, has anyone encountered this before and is there a fix?

More specifically, a fix that doesn't involve downloading, resizing, and uploading the image which would mean I'd have to update the image links?

I've only found this with one image so far, and I'm wondering what can be done to address this instance and proactively handle any others.


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