In my plugin I want administrators to be able to set the from name and email address in a single form field.

I anticipate the field content to be Name <[email protected]> However both sanitize_text_field() and sanitize_email() do their jobs and remove critical parts of the data.

Is there better way to do it rather than wp_kses()?

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    This isn't a better way, but if you must use a single field, and that the value will always be in that format, then you can split the value into 2 parts - the name and email address - then sanitize them separately.
    – Sally CJ
    Feb 9, 2023 at 8:47
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    Or you can use JavaScript to split the data and put them into hidden fields, then at the server-side, it'd be easy to sanitize the values before doing anything else..
    – Sally CJ
    Feb 9, 2023 at 8:59

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You could do something like this:

$input = 'Name <[email protected]>';

// Break the input into parts
preg_match( '/([^<]+)<([^>]+)>/i', $input, $matches, PREG_UNMATCHED_AS_NULL );

// Clean the name
$name = sanitize_text_field( $matches[ 1 ] );

// Clean the email
$email = sanitize_email( $matches[ 2 ] );

// Bail early if the values are invalid.
if ( !$name || !$email || !is_email( $email ) ) {
    die( 'Invalid input' );

// Success!
$cleaned_input = "{$name} <{$email}>";

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